Details for buying uniforms is the provider for our HEAT club soccer uniforms.  All players upon successful registration are enabled within the site with a default order (required items) and assigned player number.

All players are required to purchase the following items:

- 2 Tiro Jerseys ( 1 Red, 1 White )

- 1 Tastigo Shorts ( Blue )

- 1 Pair of metro 4 socks ( Additional socks are recommended but not required)

Many other options items are available if you chose to purchase them, but they are not required:

- Warm-ups

- Backpacks

- Spirit wear

All ordering is done online.

Each family will get an email about ordering their child’s uniform, if you do not get this email you can follow the process below to place you order.

  1. Open a web browser and go to the following URL
  2. Under the "Start Here" section, search by your player name, First Name, Last Name initial (ex. Mary A -10)
  3. The default required items will be pulled up for you where you can enter sizes and also order additional quantities if you desire.
  4. You can also order non-required items if you chose
  5. Follow the instructions to place your order
  6. Your order will then be mailed to you.

Questions? Contact our Uniform Coordinator

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