2019 Fundraiser:

IGH HEAT Soccer and Illetschko’s Meats and Smokehouse of South St. Paul have partnered for our 2019 soccer fundraiser.

  • Players sell meat packs for $30 each.
  • Players get to keep $10 for each meat pack sold.
  • Meat packs will be cut fresh and frozen the day before delivery.
  • They will be packaged in steak box.
  • Please see use the following links for more information about the fundraiser as well as the order form:
    • Click here for the Order form.
    • Click here for additional information on the Fundraiser.

If you have questions, please contact our Fundraising Coordinator, Deanna Somvong at

Individual Team Fundraising:

  • Team Fundraisers:

    We want to make teams aware that the HEAT association supports individual team fundraisers to help support their soccer team costs.  This is aside from the annual HEAT fundraiser that is required to fulfill our gaming license obligations and provides each player the ability to earn funds back to cover their fundraiser fee ($75) they paid during registration.   These are the guidelines that the association expects teams to follow if your team chooses to do this.

    • The location of the fundraiser needs to be made aware that  you are from HEAT soccer and it is for your specific team.
    • Please inform the HEAT board members of your teams fundraiser so we are aware of it.  You can do this by letting any one of the board members know.
    • Once fundraiser is complete please give an update to the board on how it went and how much your team earned.  You can do this by letting any of the board members know.
    • Checks for proceeds from the fundraiser should be made to IGH Heat Soccer Association. Our Heat treasurer will issue a check from Heat to the team manager/coach.
    • ALL money earned by a fundraiser needs to be used for expenses associated with Heat soccer (equipment, tournaments, coach fee, uniform, registration….)
    • The funds should be managed by the manager/coach.
    • If you have any questions, please connect with the HEAT Fundraiser Coordinator, Joan Wormer at