1. When are Games Played?  Please see the bottom of the Team Page Tab.

2. What Age Group should my player register for? Your child must register and try out with their own birth year group.  You may also choose to try out for another age group.

3. How much will this cost? This information is posted on the Registration Tab.

4. How do I get to your fields? Click on the link in the toolbar above to get directions to our Fields.


How do I register my player?
Click on the Registration tab to start this process.  All players must be registered for Summer 2017 to take part in the Team Formation process.

Is there a separate registration for team formations?
No, there is one registration with distinct payments.   You pay the $50 'team formation fee' upon completing the registration process.  This payment does not bind you in any way to the Inver Grove Heights Heat Soccer Club.  The remaining portion of the registration fee will be collected on August 15th.  This second payment will bind your player to the Heat Soccer club for the upcoming season.
What happens after team formations?
Teams are formed and players are notified of placement.  Players have 14 days to accept their assigned roster spot.  A roster spot is considered accepted by way of an email sent to the club registrar (
Does my $50 team formation fee apply to my summer registration fee?
Yes, the $50 team formation fee is considered part of the registration fee.
When I initially register my player, is he/she bound to the IGH Heat Soccer Club?
No, your player isn't bound to the IGH Heat Soccer Club until the second payment is made.  This payment occurs on August 15th.
Does the second payment I make on August 15th bind my player to the Inver Grove Heights Heat Soccer Club?
Yes, it is this payment that binds your player to the Inver Grove Heights Heat Soccer  Club for the upcoming season.
If my player is not placed on a roster, is my $50 team formation fee refunded?
Yes, if your player is not placed on a roster, the $50 team formation fee will be refunded and all future payments will be cancelled.
If my player is placed on a roster, but we choose not to accept the roster spot, is my $50 team formation fee refunded?
No, if you are placed on a roster, but choose not to accept, the $50 team formation fee will not be refunded.  All future payments will be cancelled.
What if my player is not able to attend team formations?
If your player is unable to attend team formations due to injury or previously scheduled travel, you will need to submit a waiver.
How do I submit a waiver for tryouts/team formations?
Fill out the team formation waiver form found on the Registration tab.
Do I have to register for team formations if I am submitting a waiver?
Yes, all players must be registered to be considered during the team formation process.
Can I still register after tryouts are complete?
Yes, you can still register after tryouts and the team formations are complete, provided there are roster spots available.
When are team formations?
A detailed schedule is listed on our Team Formations tab and the Registration tab
Can a player attend team formations for more than one level?
Yes, a player must attend team formations for their own birth year group.   Then they may choose to attend team formations for an additional birth year group.  This is an option you can select during registration.
Does it cost more $ to tryout for multiple levels?
No - the $50 team formation fee covers both tryout sessions
When will team formation results be posted?
Rosters will be posted as soon as possible on the Association website and no longer than 14 days after the last Team Formation session date.

When is the last day I have to accept an awarded roster spot?
Players will be given 14 days to accept the roster position. A roster position is considered accepted when an email has been sent to the Inver Grove Heights Heat Registrar at