MYSA Announcement – Returning to Phase 1 – 11/19/20

Phase 1: November 19, 2020

Presidents, Executive Directors, DOCs, and Clubs Administrators,
Per Governor Walz’s Emergency Executive Order 20-99, we are back in Phase 1 of our Return to Play Plan.

Only “internet soccer” (training sessions via internet) is allowed until December 18, 2020. No practices, games, or any type of in-person contact is allowed regardless if it is indoors or outdoors. We are only insuring those players and coaches that participate in “internet soccer.”

MDH Youth and Adult Sports Under Executive Order 20-99

Traveling outside of the state to play games is strongly discouraged. We will still insure your coaches and players if you still decide to travel and play, however, we highly recommend you carefully assess the risks.

Please note, our new insurance policy has a specific COVID-19 exclusion so coaches and players will not be insured for any COVID-19 related illness as a result of any MYSA/USYS soccer related travel or activity.

Finally, please wear a mask and stay safe. We all need to do our part to help each other stay safe and mitigate the spread.

Thank you,
Matthew Madeira, CAE
Executive Director – Integrator