MYSA update – May 6

May 6 Updates

MYSA Updates
We want to expand and share our June 1 Return-to-Play plans so you start to have an idea how we expect to return to the field.

Reminder: June 1
MYSA will not host, sanction, endorse or provide insurance for any in-person activities, events, games, or practices that take place prior to June 1. We expect everyone’s first in-person practice to be June 1 at the earliest.

Return to play guidelines
Governor Walz has asked youth sports organizations to come up with plans to safely return to play. So this week we are talking and working with other local youth sports organizations to create general guidelines. Internally, we are working on soccer-specific guidelines and are looking at USYS guidelines (to be released soon), other state youth soccer associations guidelines, local government rules and regulations, and other relevant organizations plans.

We will pass along the guidelines as soon as we can. We understand clubs will need time to figure out implementation plans and with June 1 only a month away, time is of the essence.

Please know, players’ and coaches’ safety is our top priority and our guidelines will reflect that. Also, if Governor Walz makes any announcements that contradict our return-to-play date, we will change our plans to comply.

We look forward to getting everyone safely back out on the field, but we know there are still many uncertainties that need to be solved prior to starting youth soccer again. We will plan and wait!