MYSA Season Update 4/21

Recap ’20 Spring/Summer Season

MYSA has shared the following information regarding our summer season.

90% of Black & Blue clubs completed the survey and 60% of respondents preferred to have a compact schedule. 80% of Minnesota League One teams completed the survey and 85% of respondents preferred to have a compact schedule. A compact schedule means:

If we cannot return to play by June 1 but can return by June 15, teams will be given a compact schedule with less games and the fall season will begin as planned (games begin September).

Realistically, this compact schedule will probably give teams 4-6 games dependent on exact dates of play and age group. All teams will automatically be rolled into this, however, if teams do not want to participate, those teams’ club will receive team fee credit for a subsequent Black & Blue League or Minnesota League One season.

A majority of all clubs answered “yes” or “probably” to having tryouts so following that line of thinking, we plan to have our tryout period after league play. Whether that be the compact schedule league play or the modified league that we are planning on doing right now. Once we have clear dates, we will let everyone know the exact tryout period but we expect it to remain around July 26.